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Brazzers is a porn company located in the United States. Most of their scenes are shot in Los Angeles California, Miami Florida, San Antonio Texas, and Las Vegas Nevada. Brazzers is highly regarded as the #1 HD porn site and has won numerous awards over the years for their high quality scenes. All of the top porn stars including Lisa Ann, Shyla Stylez, Asa Akira, Phoenix Marie, Rachel Starr, Rachel RoXXX, Audrey Bitoni, Nikki Benz, Alexis Texas, Gianna Michaels, and more, have shot numerous hot hardcore scenes with Brazzers.

Brazzers is a membership site. In order to watch their videos, you need to have a membership. Memberships can range from $30/month to $15/month if you pay for 12 months ($170 all in one payment). Brazzers can be quite expensive. I know you guys already know this and you’re just here to find out how to get yourself a free brazzers account. Don’t worry, I’ll stop with this bullshit and give you exactly what you’re here for.

Paying for a Brazzers membership is something alot of us don’t want to do. We all would like to have an account with Brazzers. I mean who wouldn’t? Brazzers has the hottest girls, the hottest scenes, the best quality (HD), and is just the best! Brazzers isn’t like free porn. Free porn is bad quality (were the videos shot with a potatoe?), free porn rarely has full videos, and free porn has all of those annoying ads. Brazzers is obviously better, but there’s one thing stopping us from getting a brazzers account. And that’s having to pay for the brazzers account. But what if I told you, there’s a way to get a free brazzers account? Would you believe me? If not, leave this site right now! If you would believe me, continue reading, I’ve got something for you!

There IS a way to get a free Brazzers account. Thanks to me (and my team), there’s a 100% legit and FREE way to get yourself a brazzers account. We have created a ‘Brazzers account generator’. Basically, this is a bot that we have made that can quickly get us working Brazzers accounts. You may be wondering how can this be possible and trust me this will sound hard to believe but I swear to god this is 100% legit and real. This bot is very smart and advanced. This bot can manipulate the payment page to make it seem like you actually paid for a Brazzers account when you really didn’t. Basically, all you need to do is enter the username and password you want to use for your Brazzers account and then click ‘create premium account’. The generator will do the rest of the work from there. The latest version of this bot is very fast. It use to take up to 10 minutes for your account to be created, but now you can have your account created and ready to login within 3 minutes! I know that this will be hard to believe and trust me, I understand. That’s exactly why I posted a picture below of the generator and I posted pictures of me using my Brazzers account and watching FULL videos. I also posted a picture which showed I had full access to the Brazzers website. Take a look below for yourself.
The Brazzers Account Generator

Look at the Slideshow below that shows me watching full length Brazzers videos (only a real account can do this) which proves this generator works and is 100% legit!


The image below shows my Brazzers account is given full access to the whole Brazzers site. It’s green (which means I have full access) where it says Brazzers. The other sites are red because my account doesn’t work on those sites (those sites are separate from Brazzers and require a payment).

Brazzers full access


As you can see, I have proven that the generator is in fact legit and DOES work. That’s how I got my free Brazzers account. If you want to get yourself your own Brazzers account for free, I will let you guys download the generator for free. Click the button below to get the download link. Thanks for reading all of this and I hope you guys enjoy your free Brazzers account as much as I have. I no longer have to watch shitty free porn, I watch great HD porn that is full scenes and FOR FREE!